Kendale Tech helps trial lawyers win cases involving complex scientific and technical issues.  We provide support at all stages of expert discovery in litigation, including:

  • Identify, select and vet testifying and non-testifying experts

  • Search and collect strong and on point peer-reviewed scientific references and publications to support lawyers' positions on disputed science and technical issues

  • Analyze expert reports and cited references to detect scientific flaws, inconsistencies, or mistakes, and propose solutions

  • Vet testifying experts' publications and other background information for cross materials at deposition or trial

We have a network of highly specialized experts in medicine, clinical science, medical device, pharmaceutical science, formulation, chemistry, biology, biomedical, biotechnology, physics, electrical engineering, economics, finance, math and statistics. They are available as testifying experts or non-testifying consultants to assist lawyers to educate and persuade the courts on science and technology issues.   We also have legal professionals who are experienced in expert discovery. They manage and guide the consultants so that we deliver focused and on point work products efficiently and timely.